S+A PICKS: Podcast Obsession (Part II)

If there's one thing we're all pretty passionate about here besides fashion, it's podcasts, and we've got plenty to recommend. First up was Jaya's top three picks, and now here are Steph's. 


Not your typical true crime 48-hours-type thriller. I also think that Phoebe Judge has the most intoxicating podcast voice of all time.

Start with: Episode 26 "Angie", the story of a gruesome murder solved by a pro soccer player.

Radio Lab is hit or miss for me but when they get an episode right, they really get it right. It's insanely good journalism.

Start with: "Birthstory", a story about surrogacy, 2 men, 2 wombs, 4 countries, lots of money, and the difficulty in finding out where it all goes.

99% Invisible

This one is for the design nerds out there. 99% Invisible covers architecture and design that shapes our world which we don't necessarily think about everyday.

Start with: "The Landlords Game", is all about Monopoly!