9 Things to Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

Thanks to my parents, I was blessed with the shortest, most non-existent natural lashes to ever exist (at least, that’s how I see them). So a few months ago I decided to finally indulge eyelash extensions and I haven’t looked back since.

I literally went from naked mole rat to Beyonce in the span of an hour and it was magical. Should you decide to do the same, here are some things that you may want to know.

Shower prior to your appointment

Water and steam near your eyes is to be avoided for 24-48 hours after your appointment to allow adequate time for the glue to bond. So do yourself and everyone around you a favour, and shower beforehand.

Avoid wearing eye makeup to your appointment

Makeup around your eyes will prevent the lashes from adhering properly. Most importantly, make sure that all your mascara has been completely removed. Even when you think you’ve completely removed it all, go over it once more because you seriously can’t be thorough enough. Also, avoid oil-based eye makeup removers since oils dissolve the lash glue and that would be a damn shame.

There are several types of eyelash extensions

You have the option of choosing synthetic, silk, or mink. Synthetic and silk lashes are the heaviest and great for a fuller look while mink lashes are thinner and softer, perfect for a natural look. Lengths range from 6mm-17mm, with 10-12mm being the most popular.

Avoid drinking coffee before your appointment

You would never expect that keeping your eyes calmly closed for an hour would be a difficult task until you’re expected to do so. The more you think about keeping your eyes still, the more impossible it seems. Downing an entire coffee before my appointment caused my lids to flutter and jitter uncontrollably, so skip the coffee that day!

It’s important to get them done by a professional

Hit up yelp or google for reviews, look at before and after photos, ask your friends, do whatever it takes to make sure that you are going to a reputable technician! You are dealing with a very sensitive area so it is important to go to a reputable professional that is licensed and lash certified. When done properly, you shouldn’t feel a thing. In fact, I’m usually so comfortable during my appointments that I have to resist the urge to fall asleep.

Lash extensions range in cost

Lash extensions can range from $40-$400 for the initial application and touchups usually cost about half that price. Find a place that works with your budget, however be wary of any prices that seem too good to be true (because they usually are).

Proper aftercare is essential for maintaining them

With your fierce new lashes, mascara should become a thing of the past. However, if you literally need your daily mascara fix, make sure to avoid waterproof mascara and only apply to the tips, avoiding the base of the lashes. Be gentle with your lashes and avoid sleeping on them. Clean and groom them regularly, and brush them out with an eyelash spoolie whenever you get them wet. Avoid any oil-based products around your eyes such as eye makeup removers and eye creams. 

They don’t last forever

Like all good things in life, eyelash extensions aren’t a forever thing *cry*. They fall out with your natural lashes and will last you anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on how well you care for them.

You will become addicted

I have had eyelash extensions for a few months now and I honestly can’t, nor do I want to, ever imagine a life without them. Having lash extensions has cut my beauty routine in half and saved me so much frustration. I can’t remember the last time I had to put mascara on and that alone is a beautiful thing.