Introducing Boat Magazine

We've spent the last few months trying to source the best of the best in lifestyle brands for you guys, and we feel like we've really hit the nail on the head. We have so much great new stuff to offer, and Boat Magazine is definitely one of our favourites.

In their own words, Boat Magazine is an independent travel and culture publication that focuses on a different, inspiring city for each issue. But this isn't just a shallow, skim-the-surface travel mag filled with tourist pics and top 10 lists. Boat goes in deep. For each issue, the writers physically move to the city in question and live and work with the locals to deliver readers with the real stories that couldn't be told otherwise.

Issue 09 profiles Bangkok and tells the stories of a 93-year-old orchid master, a transgender woman, child Muay Thai fighters and emergency response volunteers who spend their nights working a hard-to-stomach job for free. It's an amazing read, and the stunning covers ensure that it'll look phenomenal on your coffee table long after you've finished reading.


Pictures courtesy of Boat Magazine.