Getting out of your style comfort zone

We all know how it feels to fall into a style rut. That moment when you catch your reflection and notice that you’ve been wearing some iteration of the same thing for so long that you can barely identify the differences between outfits. And while there’s nothing wrong with knowing what works, there’s a fine line between having a go-to silhouette and a straight up uniform. If you're feeling like it’s time for a change, here are three easy things that can help you liven things up a little. 

Keltie Wijsman1. Remix what you have

A button up shirt can also be a cardigan, and a v-neck dress can just as easily be a v-back dress. There's no rule about wearing clothes backwards or even inside-out, if it works. Set aside a day and try on every piece you have with every other piece you have, and note the weird combinations that somehow actually work. Wearing things you already have in different ways can almost double the size of your wardrobe, is totally free, and is guaranteed to make your outfits a lot more interesting.

Jodi Blk  

2. (Selectively) Acquire what you don’t

The Internet is an insane archive of style inspiration. Find some people who’s styles are similar to yours (or to the style that you aspire to), and dig through their archives. This is key. Don’t just check their last few posts and buy the trendy “it” pieces from each.

Try to figure out the silhouettes or styles of pieces that keep returning, and go find those instead. This will help you nail down more classic pieces and avoid trend hopping. 

Serena Passion3. Then get something you normally wouldn’t

We all have moments when we find something we love but that is completely left-field as far as our style goes. In those moments we usually second guess ourselves, send a pic to a friend or 3, and ultimately psych ourselves out and leave without it. This, ladies, is exactly what gets us into style ruts in the first place. Getting out of your comfort zone means taking risks, even if that means you’ll occasionally look back and wonder why you ever thought a sequinned top with a built-in neck tie was a good idea.

So next time you’re at one of these crossroads, take a deep breath, trust your gut, take the risk, and reap the sartorial rewards. 


Lead image by Dan Paluska.