Nostalgia Ultra

This week we’re bringing you one of our most dreaded yet somehow favourite pieces of 90's nostalgia: socks and sandals - also known as the only thing that suburban dads and R&B queen Aaliyah have in common. 

The key to making this work (and yes, you can make this work) is making sure that there's a little skin showing between the top of your socks and the bottom of your jeans. Otherwise your look will start treading into pyjama dad territory and that's just really not a good look for anyone.

For a more elevated look, swap the classic Adidas slides for a pair of 2015-ready leather ones like our Sol Sana Cady slides, as seen on the left.

The best thing about this trend, besides comfort, is how easy it is to wear. Once you get past the initial trepidation, socks and slides will become part of your uniform - trust us. If you’re looking for a relaxed, comfortable outfit (which, let's be honest, we always are), this is the way to go.