DIY Terrarium: The Sequel

Terrarium DIY round one went pretty well, so we dove back in. This one is a little more intricate, but is still totally doable; it only took us about 15 minutes. We used a big glass bowl, a trio of tiny succulents and two little cacti. You'll also need some soil and activated charcoal.


1. Fill the bottom third of your bowl with rocks. Be sure to use a mix of small and big ones so that all the little spaces get filled. 

2. Put a layer of charcoal on top of the rocks. Pro Tip: get activated charcoal in loose form instead of emptying 50 tiny capsules like we did... it'll save you lots of time.

3. Put in a layer of soil about as deep as the soil your plants are currently in. Use your fingers to make little spaces in the soil, and stick the plants in one by one. Your nails will get dirty. Boo :(

4. Throw in some decoration if desired... we thought rocks would match the desert cactus theme. 

5. Instagram it (& tag us!)