S+A Muses: Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh is a creative entrepreneur who specializes in event planning and pop-ups. But her work is about more than just clothes: with events like Walk in Closet, Natasha promotes being socially conscious while still looking great - a task that is very important to us too.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Natasha Singh aka @miss_singh I generate ideas and put them into action. I am a creative consultant in retail spaces, events and offline marketing.  

Where did the idea for WIC come from?

My mantra for the past 10 years has been all about how to recycle, reuse, reinvent my wardrobe. Working in the fashion industry I realized the amount of waste is being created and contributed to this world, along with accumulating so many gems that I never wore.

Instead of just giving them away I decided to curate a shop of my once loved items. It was such a hit that a few close friends recommend I try it with other fashionable closets.

And there you have it: WIC turned into my first Singhnature event that lasted 3 years. 

Do you have a favourite WIC collaborator? 

I have so many. Every closet I featured left me with so many amazing stories to share. One that pops to mind was when I popped up with Sarah Taylor's closet at Honest Ed's. Not too many people can say they have done that. 

What drew you to event planning? How'd you get started?

Popping up with WIC month after month helped me to realize I love creating and coming up with ideas for events. Planning and executing my 30th Birthday was the turning point for me when I finally realized I LOVE hosting, creating spaces and planning events. 

And how did that transition into you working with Shopify?

I've been collaborating with Shopify for the past year by creating offline experiences like workshop development for meet ups and special events like Retail Tour. It's been an amazing experience to be apart of the Shopify offline marketing team and I'm excited for what's to come next. 

Was owning your own business something you always saw yourself doing? 

Since I was little I've either said I was going to be a fashion designer or hair stylist. Both being very independent careers that require entrepreneurial spirit. So I'd say yes. 

What was one of your biggest challenges you had to overcome as an entrepreneur? 

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely road and can be hard to build a team or even pay a team when you're starting out. You start thinking you need to do everything by yourself which creates a monster. 

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur rather than working a "regular job")?

Freedom to do and go where I want when I want has always been a big draw as an entrepreneur. I don't think I will ever have a regular job to be honest even if I choose one day to work for someone else I'm pretty sure it will be far from regular or ordinary J-O-B. 

Quick Facts

My personal style is... Recycled, Reused and Reinvented... surprise! ;) 

My favourite recent meal was... the Full Fish and a dark and Stormy from Rhum Corner. 

My go-to wardrobe staples are... ripped jeans, a black oversized tank with a vintage cropped fitted leather moto jacket and statement necklace. Also my green suede Messeca NYC oxfords from the early days of Smoke + Ash aka Sauvage Pop Up back in 2012. 

My top 3 style inspirations are... Tracy Eliis Ross, Solange, and 90's Janet Jackson.

My favourite Instagram accounts are... my double tap game exceeds just a few mentions, but I always enjoy seeing where and what @Naskademini subjects are.

The most played songs in my itunes are... all of Dangelo's latest album  


Find Natasha on her website, twitter and instagram!