S+A Picks: Dream Travel Locations

Croatia! I actually just got back, but I'm already missing the beautiful beaches, mountain views, ancient cities and delicious seafood.

- Jaya

My best friend lives in LA, so that's always somewhere I'm down to go. But besides that, I'd have to say Germany and Austria to see the insane Hundertwasser buildings in person. They're like real life Dr. Seuss buildings; no straight lines, tons of colour, green roofs... totally surreal. 

- Taycia

I have too many dream travel locations, because there are so many places I would love to see. However, if I had to pick one right now, I'd definitely say Greece. I've heard amazing things about Greece and the photos that my friends have from there are breathtaking! One day soon I hope to travel there.

- Jaclyn

Papua New Guinea to see Birds of Paradise. Or, New Orleans…for the food and the history… or anywhere in Southeast Asia again, for the food and the history.

- Steph

My dream travel location would be Japan. I’ve always loved the culture, food and fashion. I also just really want some authentic sushi, and apparently there is also an island with hundreds of cats... so yeah I’m pretty sold.

- Jasmine