That's a first: Taycia Gets a Lash Lift

Let me start this by saying that up until 2 months ago, the world of beauty procedures and treatments was completely foreign to me. I don’t generally wear makeup, have never even touched an eyelash curler, and probably couldn’t tell the difference between a foundation brush and a paintbrush if my life depended on it.

This changed when I accompanied a friend to a nail salon and decided on the spot that a full set of artificial nails was a totally appropriate choice for my first foray into beauty treatments. To say it changed my life would definitely be an overstatement, but it almost felt that way at the time.

Me post manicure

I felt fancy. It was glamour with no work involved. No matter how wrinkled my shirts were or how slept-in my hair was, my nails, at least, were always on point. I began to look for other ways to wake up looking and feeling fancy without having to work for it, and this is how I found myself making an appointment for an eyelash lift.

After considerable research and a brief flirtation with the idea of eyelash extensions (I was afraid they’d be too Kardashian… and heavy) I made an appointment at Beauty Room in Liberty Village. When I got there I was greeted by the owner/aesthetician Amanda, who led me into a super cozy, Pinterest-worthy room.

An eyelash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. Which sounds terrifying, I know, but doesn’t seem nearly as outrageous when you’re actually having it done. The idea is that your eyelashes stand out more when they’re curled upwards rather than sticking out horizontally.

First Amanda placed these slightly cool, gel-like pads over my bottom eyelashes to keep them out of the way, and asked me to close my eyes. Then there were some liquid gels applied, and I could feel Amanda touching my eyelashes, though it didn’t feel like pulling or tugging at all (which is what I’d been concerned about). Some more gel happened, and some more light squishing, and then to be honest I actually fell asleep, which she later said was pretty common. I woke up to the feeling of Amanda massaging my eye area, which felt amazing, and removing the pad things from under my eyes.

As for the results: It’s obviously not as extreme as wearing false lashes (or getting extensions), but friends and I both agree that my eyelashes are decidedly more eyelashy. And after their “lift”, my lashes no longer graze the inside of my glasses lenses, which alone makes it worth it to me.

That said, I really don’t think I was the most ideal candidate, as my eyelashes are naturally pretty long and apparently also pretty curly. (Humblebrag: Amanda actually asked if I’d curled them pre-appointment; I hadn’t). But if you’re someone who curls their lashes daily and wants to spend those morning minutes doing something else instead, a lash lift could be the answer. Results apparently last up to two months, you can still wear mascara if you want to, and don’t have to worry about being extra careful not to touch or rub your eyes like you would with extensions.

Also, glamour.