3 All Black Outfits that are Anything but Basic

Wearing all black is easy, but wearing it well can be a little trickier. Anyone can throw on a black tee and jeans and call it a day, but if you want to keep your outfit both interesting and void of colour, you're going to have to put some more work in.


Interesting textures and fabrics are a really simple way to elevate an outfit that might be plain otherwise. When you don't have to focus on coordinating different colours, mixing textures becomes a lot easier. Knits, silks, denim, leather... mix 'em all together and see what sticks. 

In this case we've swapped out your regular black jeans with a waxed denim. The texture is different enough to add a little interest, while still being really easy to wear. Win/win!

Shoes: Lawford, Jeffrey Campbell / Jeans: Coated Second Skin, Cheap Monday / Top: Long Sleeve Crop, BLQ Basiq


Experimenting with more daring cuts is another thing that becomes easier sans colour. Whether it's a wide legged pant, peplum or a crazy oversized coat, exaggerated silhouettes just seem so much less intimidating in black. 

Case in point: these. Is it a skirt? Skort? Pant? ...Skant? We're not really sure. Either way they're amazing, and the asymmetrical cut is definitely enough of a statement that colour really isn't necessary.

Shoes: Lawford, Jeffrey Campbell / Pants: Wrap Pant, Merite / Top: Avalanche, The Fifth


It's all in the details. Especially when you're working without colour or prints. Keep an eye out for interesting or unexpected detailing. Cutouts, zippers, exposed seams and raw hems will all help make your head-to-toe black a little more inspired. 

For instance: this dress is easily one of our favourite pieces this season, and it's easy to see why. Details like the built-in cape and JLo-worthy neckline bring his LBD to all new heights. It's wearable, but you'll still turn heads. What could be better?

Shoes: I'm Late, Skin / Dress: Natural History, Finders Keepers

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