Photo Diary: Jaya's time in Croatia

As the cold weather settles in and Fall layers become more of a necessity than a fashion statement, I’m dreaming of my time in Croatia, where I spent two idyllic weeks this past July.

Croatia was an exceptional destination because it brought together so many elements that I look for when travelling – gorgeous weather, stunning beaches, delicious food, magical old-world surroundings, and a generally laid-back vibe. 

We started our trip off in Dubrovnik, which is one the best-preserved medieval walled cities in the world. From atop the wall you can look down into the labyrinth of streets below, and appreciate the striking terracotta rooftops, which are commonplace in the Dalmatian region.

We explored local food and drink on the tiny island of Vis. Here, in the middle of the town square, a woman sells homemade cheese and prosciutto.

We followed the directive on this sign to discover a Vis native who makes wine and lavender oil out of his home.

Seafood straight from the Adriatic sea was on every menu, and in some places, on exhibit outside restaurants advertising the freshness of their ingredients.

I’m always intrigued by the native plant life in other parts of the world. The flora of Croatia was surprisingly right on trend; giant succulents were everywhere. 

Relaxing at the beach is the prevailing pastime of those who live along the coast. The beaches in Croatia are primarily rocky, so locals just put down a towel and sunbathe on the huge rocks.

There are so many impressive beaches to marvel at, including this one which formed inside an enormous collapsed cave.

One of the few sandy beaches in Croatia, Nin Lagoon, has been named one of the world’s most impressive beaches, on account of the dramatic mountain backdrop.  This spot provided the perfect end to our journey.