Smoke + Ash x RoseGold Yoga

We first met Sam years ago when she modelled for us, and she's since become a friend of the store. So when she offered to bring her new venture, Rose Gold Yoga, into the store for a private yoga session, we jumped at the chance.

Now we'd all done some form of Yoga before (mostly at-home YouTube video yoga, not gonna lie) so I think we were all maybe a little bit more confident than we should have been going in.

This confidence started to wane within the first few minutes as we realized that when you're doing it right, yoga is actually kind of hard. Either way, we're never ones to shy away from a challenge. Plus, we had Sam by our sides, coaching us through and gently correcting our postures to make sure we were getting the most out of each pose.

Sam ended our session by leading us through some deep breathing exercises, and then came around and gave each one of us a surprise neck massage with lavender almond oil. This was obviously our favourite part.

 While taking a yoga class is definitely not anything groundbreaking, there's something to be said about the small group or private classes that Sam provides. The one-on-one attention really goes a long way, especially for anyone who might want to get into yoga but is too shy to take a class.

We left the session feeling energized, relaxed and ready to face the day, which is really all we could ask for.