Our Top Healthy Eats in Downtown TO

With the arrival of Spring comes the warmer weather clothing (hooray for light jackets!) and the anticipation of summer (swoon). What better way to retune for Spring than to fulfill those New Years goals you may or may not have started (no judgement) and get on the healthy eating band wagon?

We know the struggle of healthy eating when you're at work or running errands first hand: our store is bordered by no fewer than 2 pizza places, 2 bakeries, and at least 10 places to get an almond croissant. But when we do succeed in resisting temptation, here's where we go:

Kupfert & Kim

Thankfully wherever you find yourself in the downtown core you can find a Kupfert & Kim hidden in the PATH system. If you find yourself nearby, we recommend hitting up the big and new one at Richmond and Spadina. This popular healthy spot is completely vegan and gluten-free, but does not pass on flavour and size. They’re famous for their boxes with grains and all sorts of veggies (try the classic First Canadian Box) but at their new location they’ve expanded the menu to contain more boxes, waffles, curries, and burgers. They even have kombucha on tap if you’re into that sort of thing. 

iQ Food Co

Besides the beautiful interior, the food at IQ is seriously good. They add new items to the menu each season to correlate with what produce is available from local farms. They have also partnered with Greenhouse Juice, so you can get your greens in liquid form here as well. The avocado toast with lime and cilantro is a classic snack at this spot, or if you have a larger appetite go for one of their salad boxes with tons of toppings ranging from grilled salmon to coconut flakes. 


B.Good is a newer spot in Toronto, but is a great spot for omnivores looking for something healthy. Their menu ranges from salads to burgers to smoothies, so there’s something here for everyone. All the ingredients used here are from local Ontario farms and the locations even have a map of the farms so you can see where it’s coming from. Try the citrus and avocado salad while it’s in season, or go for a customized burger with your choice of beef, turkey, chicken or veg patty. 


This vegan mainstay is a must-visit for those seeking some fresh, healthy food. With four locations across Toronto, this is probably the most popular vegan/vegetarian restaurant in the 6. While Fresh caters to clean food, they also have some amazing not-so-healthy options, like their famous quinoa onion rings and giant veggie burgers. The noodle or grain bowls at Fresh are most popular, topped with superfoods and homemade sauces. Grab a cold-pressed juice on your way out, since they have quite the selection of delicious juice, nut milk and shot blends. 

Bolt Fresh Bar

Following with the grain bowl trend, Bolt Fresh Bar has a large variety of grain and salad bowls that you cannot miss. Bolt is known for their acai parfaits, which is acai puree mixed with bananas and topped with granola and tropical fruits. If you order one, you have to shell out the extra $1.50 for the coconut whipped cream. Trust us on that one.

Along with the parfait and bowls, you have the option to customize your own bowl with whatever toppings your heart desires. Recently Bolt started carrying raw and refined sugar free treats from Sweethart Kitchen, and kombucha by Vams which are both definitely worth trying. 

Photos courtesy of Blogto, The Food Network and Darou Wellness.