Steph's Guide to Styling Jackets

A long time ago I heard about the "three-piece rule" which essentially means every outfit you put together should contain three elements before it's complete. My interpretation of this rule clearly means no outfit is complete without throwing a jacket on.

I wear jackets all year long, hot or cold, day or night. Sometimes I even wear jackets over other jackets, over duster coats. I love jackets, I own entirely too many of them. The more options the better. 

Play around with length

The best way to show off a long fuzzy cardigan, a streamline duster coat, or an airy long bottom layer is to pair it with a slightly cropped jacket. It adds an effortlessly cool element to your outfit. Next time you wear a long sweater or tunic be sure to throw a cropped bomber jacket. You'll feel like the queen of autumn layering. 


Jackets are a perfect way to add opposing textural elements to an outfit. Leather, pony hair, denim, quilt, tweed, wool, shearling, it's a perfect way to add interest to an all black outfit, or take your outfit from boring to inspiring. 

Layer for Warmth

I'm a huge advocate for winter layering as opposed to walking around with a big heavy parka on. Winters in Toronto are so all over the place that I love having the option to add or remove layers throughout the day.

There's nothing cooler or cozier than wearing a draped open knit turtleneck over a tunic with a structured long peacoat over top. The sharp open labels pair perfectly with the mass of fabric keeping your neck warm. Pair with your favourite pair of jeans and leather boot and you've got a warm, transitional outfit that can be worn business casual or out on the town. 

Cooler weather is slowing rolling in and I'm so excited to be able to layer, experiment and add new jackets to my every growing collection.