Keep Warm from the Inside Out

Living in Toronto we all know the winter struggle and are always looking for ways to powerhouse through the season.

First up in our surviving winter series is our favourite soup and hot beverage recipes. Because honestly, name a better way to keep yourself toasty than a hot bowl of soup and some homemade coco? We'll wait.

Mean Green Detox Vegetable Soup

Seeing as we’re all still in the New Year, New Me resolution phase, lets kick this off with a detox soup by Half Baked Harvest. It's hearty, super healthy, and will look wonderful on your Instagram, which is obviously the most important thing. 

Curried Beet Soup with Tandori Chickpeas

Next up: Minimalist baker's curried beet soup, which is perfect for when you're craving something earthy, warm and a little spicy - basically what we want all winter long. 

Luxurious Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa

Finding hot chocolate with that classic creamy texture without the actual cream is a real struggle for those of us who don't eat dairy. Which is why we love this dairy free option by Oh She Glows, made with cashew milk and Medjool dates. 

Hot Chocolate with Plum Syrup

The Berlin-based food blog What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today? has been a favourite of ours for a while, in part because Marta is really good at making things seem three or four times easier than they actually are. We're not 100% sure we're skilled enough to make a plum compote, but if you are, please bring some by the store. We'll be eternally grateful.