Low Maintenance Houseplants

We all love houseplants, but sadly, we weren't all born with a green thumb. Here's a guide of low stress houseplants that will all make great and easy friends with the additional bonus of purifying the air.

Golden Pothos

If cared for correctly, this stunning plant will grow quickly into long leafy vines! Style these plants in your home with funky hanging planters and watch them cascade in a Rapunzel like fashion.

Water: These plants prefer moist soil, so water once a week

Light: Low to bright light. More light exposure will result in different color variations in the leaves!

*Note: These plants are poisonous - keep away from small children and curious pets!



Also known as Snake Plants or Mother-in-Law's Tongue, these make the perfect choice for someone who is new to plants, as they tolerate neglect very well. They are very easy to maintain, they survive very well in drought and low light.

Water: Every two weeks. Keep in a pot that allows for good drainage, as these roots will rot easily. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Light: Low to bright light - very versatile!


ZZ Plant

Photo courtesy of Casper.

The ZZ Plant, or Zanzibar Gem is another one of the easiest houseplants to grow and care for. Its glossy leaves make a striking addition to any windowless bathroom or office nook.

Water: Once every month in the winter months, and bi-weekly in the summer months. Never let this plant sit in water - allow for good drainage!

Light: Indirect or low Lighting.

*Note: These plants are poisonous - keep away from small children and curious pets!


Jade Plant

Access to bright sunlight will help your jade plant flourish. When your jade has adequate light their stems will grow thick and look woody. They may also turn red at their leaf tips, which is always so stunning!

Water: Allow soil to dry out between watering, you will know your Jade plant needs a good watering when its fleshy leaves appear dried out and wrinkled. In the winter months consider only watering once a month.

Light: Bright, bright light! South facing windows are best!


Air Plants

These plants are equally as fascinating as they are beautiful. Air Plants, or Tillandsia get all of their nutrients through their leaves so they do not require any soil whatsoever. They are a neat addition to style any space!

Water: Mist every couple of days, especially if you see the plant curling. Every month give it a bath, soaking for about 20 minutes.

Light: Indirect sunlight is best.


General Tips

Pick plants that fit the environment of your living situation. Base your choice on your lighting accommodations and your availability for watering.

Once you’ve found a place that meets the plants lighting requirements try not to move it around too often. Plants have a hard time adjusting to new environments.

Buy pots that allow for good drainage. Change the pots when the plants get too big and especially if you can see roots poking through their drainage holes.

Get creative with the vessels you display them in! Go for the unexpected and experiment with different materials.