New Year, New Tips

Think of these like New Year's Resolutions that you'll actually keep: simple, manageable tips for making your day to day run a little smoother.


Wash makeup brushes with gentle face wash

You can’t have clean skin without clean brushes, and if it’s gentle enough for your face, it’s gentle enough for your brush. Plus, it’s one thing less to buy and you know you’ll always have it on hand.

Dry your hair with a t-shirt

Towels, even those super soft ones, are probably still too rough for your hair. They absorb too much moisture and create friction that leads to frizz. Switch your hair towel out for a soft, cotton t-shirt and your hair will thank you.

Use dry-shampoo before bed, not in the morning

This way, the product has more time to work in while you’re sleeping, eliminating those leftover white, powdery patches. Plus: more volume.



Get rid of pilling with a disposable razor

It’s literally as simple as it sounds: be careful and use short, gentle strokes. It’s the same technique you’d use on any part of your body, except dry (and without shaving cream, of course).

Store your clothes like files

This is one of those “how have I never thought of this?!” tips. Instead of piling sweaters and jeans all on top of one another, store them vertically as if your dresser was a filing cabinet. This way you can see what’s in the drawer, and it’s a lot easier to take things in and out without reshuffling everything inside.

Use a hair straightener for a crisp collar

We love our steamers, but they do nothing for collars and getting the ironing board out for just one little thing seems a little cumbersome. Instead, run over your collar with a (cleaned!) flat iron and you’ll be good to go.



Clean the inside of your purse with a lint roller

When it’s finally time to dump out all those receipts, food wrappers, business cards, and who knows what else, turn your bag inside out and give the lining a good clean with a lint roller. Goodbye crumbs and random fluff.

Pack your shoes in a shower cap

No dustbag? Wrap a cheap shower cap (Dollarama, anyone?) around the bottom of your shoes so you can layer them on top of clothing in your suitcase without worrying about the soles dirtying up your clothes.

Stuff your shoes with newspaper

Shoe stands are great and all but honestly, who has the space? When you’re done with your boots or shoes for the season, store them with newspaper stuffed inside. It’ll keep the shape and absorb and moisture or odor so they’re nice and fresh next time you want to wear them.