Self-Care During Trying Times

It's been a difficult week. The spike in incidents of police brutality and racial violence is impossible to ignore, even from across the border. There is no doubt that witnessing, engaging and advocating for change are important and necessary, but we also can't forget to take care of ourselves. 

Self-care comes in a variety of forms and means something different for everyone. Whether it's taking a social media break, settling in on the couch with Netflix and your favourite foods, or connecting with friends and family, never feel bad for disengaging for a bit and taking the time you need to process. 

Here are some resources on the importance of self-care, and some of the things that have been helping us through the week:

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How to Take Care of Yourself While Learning About Oppression

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And for an uplifting mood-change, be sure to scroll through the #CarefreeBlackKids2k16 twitter tag. If there's one thing that's guaranteed to make you smile through the heartache, it's that.