Styling with Spring Shoe Trends

Spring is the most exciting time for footwear, especially if you live in Toronto. Its that special time of year where we finally ditch the black leather booties we've been living in all winter long and play with new textures, patterns and colors. (Without the fear of salt stains!)

Not to mention its the first opportunity of the year to show off our fresh Spring pedicures! Here we identify the hottest footwear trends of the season- all of the details you need to step into Spring in style.


A must-have for the season! Mules are a wardrobe necessity as they are easy to style and versatile for every occasion. Because of their versatility, mules are on track to take sneakers’ crown as this year’s go-to shoe for Spring. Up the ante by styling your mules with stockings or sheer socks- an ideal choice for chillier spring days.

Ankle Wrap Heels

These will pair perfectly with any wide legged denim that crops above the ankle- a season favourite. This allows for the whole ankle wrap to make an appearance and balances out ‘bottom heavy’ pants. Avoid pairing ankle wraps with skinny jeans, whether you tuck the wrap under or over the pant hem -you run the risk of lumpy looking ankles.

If you feel self-conscious about where the wrap cuts on your legs - with the worry that they make you look shorter- opt for a skin-toned hue that will create less contrast- both our Fromosa heel and Gigi heel are perfect neutral candidates.


The flat form has made a fresh return from the 90s- and we couldn’t be more pleased about it! Chunky block soles are appearing on everything from ankle booties to strappy lace up sandals. It is perfect for those who desire extra height from their footwear, but aren’t comfortable in heels.

For those who see the flat form as a trend that can only ever evoke the cringe-worthy spirit of the Spice-girls, never fear- it is easier to look polished in this trend then you may think. Style any flat forms with a simple elegant slip dress or a structured white oxford button down to create a minimal and put together outfit with a playful touch.


Slides are the ultimate effortlessly chic (and comfortable!) go-to option for Spring and Summer styling. The only difficult part about styling with slides is choosing your dream pair out of the endless options available this season!

We like to elevate our slides with a statement jumpsuit, like the Gandi Jumpsuit or by pairing them with a wide-legged high waist culotte, such as the Waffle Knit Culottes.