Top 5 Favourite Local Creatives

1. Neva Wireko
Instagram: @_____neva

Neva is a photographer and creative director based in Toronto. The best way to appreciate her work is to fully let it absorb you. Her ability to capture is breathtaking, work with her through The Creator Class

2. Bianca Sparacino (Writer)
Instagram: @rainbowsalt

Bianca is a local writer. She recently wrote her book called Seeds Planted In Concrete. Through illustration and poetry, Seeds Planted In Concrete is Bianca’s raw testament to the beauty that is found within the contrasts of life.

3. Rachel Stewart (Graphic Designer)
Instagram: @rachscreative

Rachel is an advertising and design lover based out of Ottawa. Her designs are simple and clean, without leaving out originality and a unique look. Her work mostly entails pastel designs of people, other musical artists, objects, words, etc.

4. Mila Victoria (MUA)
Instagram: @milavictoria

Mila is a seasoned makeup and hair artist based in Toronto. She spent a bit of time in the UK where she worked with a wealth of celebrities including Wiz Khalifa, Majid Jordan, Ashley Benzo, Troian Bellisario and Ellen Pompeo to name a few. Her style is punchy, edgy and you can totally achieve her look by subscribing to her youtube channel.

 5. Leia Bryans (Painter/Illustrator)

Instagram: @leiabryans

Leia Bryans is a fantastic illustrator and painter. One of her larger pieces is the focal point in my living room, and I love it more every time I look at it. Her work is inspiring and features line work illustrations of the human figure. Leia paints on canvas, on paper and on hand dyed canvas tote bags.