Meet Jaya. 


Who are you?
I'm the owner :) 

Favourite part of working for Smoke+Ash is... It’s hard to nail it down to just one aspect. Of course discovering and having access to so many talented designers is really exciting. And all the amazing additions to my personal wardrobe are great too! 

But it’s really the people that I get to work with and meet that make my job the best. I have an awesome team and we have a lot of fun together. Being on Queen West, I meet tons of interesting people in the store. It’s really a pleasure to chat with and get to know new people. 

My personal style is... a mix of feminine and edgy aesthetics and is always evolving.  I gravitate towards dark colours and love a one-of-a-kind print!


My favourite recent meal was... the biscuits with sausage gravy from The Stockyards in Toronto. They make me really happy and are my go-to brunch on Sundays off. 

My worst fashion crime was... a long time ago I had a top that my friends named “Look At Me.”  That’s because it was made out of highly-reflective silver printed fabric. To make matters worse, it had a plunging neckline and an integrated neck tie. When you saw me, you couldn’t help but to look at me!

My go-to wardrobe staples are... black Cheap Monday Second Skin jeans, Kelsi Dagger perforated booties and my Armed agate necklace.


My top 3 style icons are... Denise from The Cosby Show, Kate Moss, and Rihanna.

My favourite Instagram accounts are... @fablihareza@so__quietly@psimadethis, and @facehunter.

The most played songs in my itunes are... these DJ’s are constantly on rotation thanks to their frequently updated Soundclouds: EricthetutorMisschunes and JaBig.